States of Guernsey Health & Safety Executive

Robin Gonard M.Eng CMIOSH
Chief Health & Safety Officer

Specialises in Asbestos, Construction, Energy Technologies, Engineering, Lifting Operations, Advice on Pesticides / Chemicals, Manufacturing and Utilities.

Jon C Colley
Health and Safety Inspector

Specialises in: Construction, Flammable Liquids and Gases, Education, Recreation.

Matthew Coggins BA (Hons)
Health & Safety Inspector

Specialises in: Legionella.

Geoff Ingrouille
Health and Safety Technical Officer

Advice and disposal of unwanted Agricultural, Horticultural and Industrial Chemicals. Facilities Manager and NPTC Assessor.

Jean Bourgaize
Administrative Support Officer / Complaints Officer.

All general enquiries.

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About Us

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is a regulatory unit of The Office for Employment & Social Security, established under the Health and Safety at Work (General) (Guernsey) Ordinance, 1987. The Board of The Office for Employment & Social Security has primary responsibility for health and safety policy in Guernsey. HSE also enforce the Health and Safety at Work (Alderney) Ordinance, 2003, on behalf of the States of Alderney.

Our primary function is to secure the health, safety and welfare of people at work and to protect others from risks to health and safety from work activity. We are responsible for regulating work-related health and safety in Guernsey and Alderney and work in partnership with other regulators and States Committees, particularly in relation to public safety.

HSE regulates health and safety across a range of sectors and industries including major hazard sites such as onshore gas and petroleum installations through to more conventional sites, including quarries; farms; factories; waste management; construction; services; retail; hospitality and healthcare. We do this by applying an appropriate and proportionate mix of intervention techniques including inspection, advice and support, awareness-raising activities and, where necessary, enforcement action.

As part of a small island community, HSE also coordinates a unique scheme to collect hazardous unwanted chemicals from householders and businesses, and export the waste for recovery or disposal, given the lack of suitable facilities on island. HSE are actively reviewing the suitability of the arrangements for the collection and disposal of hazardous waste, in collaboration with the waste authority and waste regulator.

HSE Structure and resources

HSE is an operational unit of The Committee for Employment and Social Security. The Committee Board sets the organisation's long-term direction, strategy and objectives. The delivery of these, along with the day to day management of HSE is the responsibility of the Chief Health and Safety Officer and Chief Inspector, Robin Gonard.